SJAC SkyWatch

The South Jersey Astronomy Club hosts public skywatches on the recreation field at Belleplain State Forest or on the front field of the EHT Public Library throughout the year. Skywatch events are posted on our Welcome Page.

Skywatches usually begin about 7:30PM, and admission is free! Once in Belleplain State Forest, just follow the signs to the public parking lot (free) and then walk the short distance on to the observing field.

Telescopes will be set up to give beautiful views of objects in the night sky! Just walk up to any telescope and ask a SJAC member what they are viewing and if you can take a look.

Please dress appropriately on cold nights. Consider bug spray on warm nights. Only RED flashlights are allowed on the field.

Rain or cloudy conditions on Friday night will move the Skywatch to Saturday night. Bad weather on that night, will cancel the event. Any changes or cancellations will be posted on the Welcome Page and also announced using our SJAC Announce email list and on our Facebook page.  Additional event and Park information is available by contacting the Belleplain State Forest Ranger Station at 609-861-2404.


  • Dress appropriately. Temperatures drop after sunset, so be sure to wear appropriate clothing. Bring a jacket, hat and wear good shoes. A snack and hot drinks can also help.
  • Bring a flashlight with a red filter — even cellophane will do — to help you find the way and still retain your vision in the dark. Please avoid shining your light out onto the field when you enter; instead, kindly point the beam down and slightly in front of you. This is a courtesy to others who are on the field.
  • We hope to have a club information table set up with literature and other items. Visit the table to learn more about astronomy and the South Jersey Astronomy Club.
  • Telescopes will be set up to view planets and other objects. Enjoy the views, and feel free to ask questions.
  • You can appreciate the night sky using just your naked eye, or a pair of binoculars. If you already have a telescope, feel free to bring it along. We suggest that you arrive early, though, so that you have adequate time to set up.
  • Belleplain is a “camp in, camp out” facility. If you bring anything which can become litter such as paper or plastics cups or wrappers, please take them out of the forest with you.
  • A thermos of coffee, maybe a folding lawn chair… and you’re set for the evening!
  • This event is open to all, and there’s plenty of free parking!