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   SJAC serves those with an interest in astronomy throughout all of the southern part of New Jersey and surrounding areas. Here you will find information regarding our public meetings and our upcoming events. Within this site you be able to learn the basics of astronomy, check area weather and find out what's in the evening sky. You will also be able to view and print information about our Spring and Fall Star Parties and regional gatherings for the astronomy enthusiast.

The club is sold out of eclipse glasses! As are many other stores that had them.
There may be some stores that still have them, but we do not have reliable information on that. It may be too late to get them online. What to do?

We have heard there are some local libraries that have them and will be giving them out on Monday during the eclipse.
So a local library is one possible place to get them. Supplies will be limited. Libraries that may have glasses include Vineland, EHT, and Brigantine.
There are likely others. Check with your local library.

Rowan University will be hosting a Solar Eclipse Viewing Party on Monday. The first show in the Edelman Planetarium starts at 12:30 with all other activities beginning at 1:00 pm. Details can be found on our website https://sites.rowan.edu/planetarium/specialevents/index.html.
Their website says they will have “goodie bags” that include a pair of eclipse glasses to the first 1000 people! Check out their web page at:

Build a pinhole viewer! Search on the internet for “eclipse pinhole viewer”. You will find many websites that discuss making your own pinhole viewer.
It is pretty simple and will show an image of the “crescent Sun” during the middle part of the eclipse.

Local times for the eclipse on Monday, August 21st. These are for Atlantic City. Times might differ by a minute or two across Southern New Jersey.
The eclipse starts at 1:23 PM. This is when the Moon first starts to “take a bite” out of the Sun.
It will take a few minutes before you can see this with eclipse glasses or pinhole projection.
The maximum eclipse occurs at 2:46 PM. The eclipse ends when the Moon leaves the Sun at 4:03 PM.
It will be easiest to observe with eclipse glasses or pinhole projection from around 2:15 through 3:15.

Good Luck! Clear Skies! Enjoy the Eclipse!

How to tell if your Eclipse Glasses are safe

The following site at the American Astronomical Society (AAS) has info about checking your eclipse glasses and making sure they are safe.
There has been word of "uncertified" glasses sold, particularly over the internet.


Passing this on for your information.

Safety first!!! Obviously, do not use any eclipse glasses if they are damaged or there is a rip, tear or hole in the filter material.
Consult the website above for further info about using them safely! And checking if you have safe, certified ones!


The next public Skywatch will be held 7:30p Friday, Sept 15th 2017 at Belleplain State Forest

 Check back for a GO/NOGO weather call     

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The next SJAC monthly meeting will be held on Thursday, September 14th. Our meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM at Atlantic County Library branch in Egg Harbor Township. The library is located at 1 Swift Ave in Egg Harbor Township just off of Ocean Heights Avenue (county Road 559 alt) between English Creek Avenue & Zion Rd. Click Here for directions.  Monthly meeting are open to the public so, whether you're a club member or just getting started in astronomy, feel free to attend! If you are interested in joining SJAC please click the membership link


SJAC Star Parties

Fall Star Party is scheduled  October 19th - 22nd 2017

Star Parties are designed to give you, the amateur astronomer a place to setup your equipment and share the experience of observing with fellow astronomers.

SJAC does not setup telescopes for the general public.

Click on the Star Party link: http://www.sjac.us/starparty.html for information regarding star parties.

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Upcoming Events

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